Hastings, the Lovers Seat, vintage postcard
Hastings – The Lovers Seat

‘We tried to get here this morning but failed in our endeavours, too far too hilly’

Postcard to Mrs Milsman? Amersham Common, Buckinghamshire
Sender: Unknown. Postmarked, Hastings 9 July 1919

Vintage postcard of White Rock and Parade, Hastings, Sussex

‘Another card for your collection and it looks nearly as nice a place as R.W’

Postcard sent to Miss Bella Charlton, Kirkwhelpington, Newcastle on Tyne
Sender: M.B. Postmarked Hastings, 6 April 1904

Vintage postcard of The Lovers Seat, Fairlight Glen, Hastings
The Lovers Seat, Fairlight Glen, Hastings. Publisher: J. Welch & Sons

‘Feel sure you would enjoy things here. There is one big boat goes out each day and heaps of small ones. We haven’t tried them yet’

Postcard sent to Master Elphick, Aberdeen House, Epsom
Sender: His Grannie. Postmarked Hastings, 30 May 1919

What! Come Home? Not likely, when I’m at Hastings!

With love to Grannie and Grandad and Uncle Tom’

Postcard sent to Georgie Jute? 89 Nogie Villas, Judd Rd, Tonbridge, Kent
Sender: Georgie, his cousin. Postmaked Lee, 5 Nov 1910

Grand Hotel, Hastings
Grand Hotel, Hastings. Publisher: C. Simpsons & Co, London

‘Francis has been here, Lucy and her Arthur. You will be glad to know L Walker is coming to London soon’

Postcard sent to Miss L Sholey? Kimbers Hotel, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent
Sender: George? Postmarked 15 Sept 1904

Rough Seas at Hastings
Rough Seas at Hastings March 16 1914, published by Marriot’s Photo Stores, Hastings, Bexhill, Tunbridge Wells

Postcard to Miss M Brown, High St, Bampton, Oxfordshire
Sender: L.P. Postmarked

30 Dec 1914

Multiview, ‘Peeps at Hastings’ Publisher: The Pic Co

‘Will you ask Dad if I can’t have my brown suit dyed a dark grey as I shall never wear it out as it is’

Postcard sent to Mrs C.E Todd, Rothesay, 69 Mount Pleasant, nr Unthank Rd, Norwich, Norfolk
Sender: Her daughter. Postmarked Hastings, 8 Sept 1906

Multiview of Hastings
Multiview of Hastings

Postmarked Hastings, Sussex, 2 Sept 1936

The Sunken Gardens, Hastings, Sussex
The Sunken Gardens, looking west, Hastings, published by Palace Book Shop, 37 White Rock, Hastings

We are here for the afternoon, our men at cricket here’

Postmarked Hastings, Sussex 3 Aug 1949

Greetings from Hastings
Multiview ‘Greetings from Hastings’ Publisher: Shoesmith and Etheridge Ltd, Hastings

‘The weather is perfect’

Postmarked Sevenoaks, Kent, 1950’s

Lovers Seat, Fairlight, Hastings
Lovers Seat, Fairlight, Hastings

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