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Researching the family history – Be careful what you go looking for!

Old opera glasses / binosI dressed up like a pirate recently, as part of the costume I wore my grandads old binos. A guy told me they were opera glasses. I laughed at him because there’s no way my grandad was into opera. So I googled them, and he’s right. I found similar looking pairs online from the early 1900’s. So I wonder if they belonged to his grandfather. Henry Thomas Fuller. My dad remembers these binos from when he was a kid so my grandad must have had them a while.

Thing is, after doing the family history research, I can’t help but wonder if these opera glasses were part of the ‘theatrical items’ stolen by Henry Thomas Fuller in 1906? I hope not! …but it’d be quite fitting for a pirate to be wearing swag round their neck! Perhaps I should be careful what I go looking for!