Vintage postcard - portrait
Innocence. Publisher: A. Schwerdtfeger & Co London
Greetings From (Lady waving a union jack banner)

‘Dear Frances, I expect we shall be leaving at six o’clock tonight so you can come round for me as soon as you like darling.
Maisie and Madge are both going on as well as can be expected, but they will both be glad to see you and so shall I.
I am yours truly. Bob xxx’

Postmarked Northampton,
13 Feb 1927

‘Dear mother, hope you have had a nice time at the festivities today, glad the weather has been better, much love to all’

Postcard sent to Mrs Arthur, St Leonards Rd, Claygate, Surrey
Sender: Her daughter. Postmarked Esher

23 July 1911

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