Vintage postcard of Dane Park, Margate, Kent
Dane Park, Margate. Publisher: Valentines

‘Hope you are quite well. It has been raining here today, hope it will be fine on Wednesday, love from S & R C?’

Postcard sent to Miss Colwell? The Quarry, Penshurst, Kent
Postmarked Margate, 1909

Rough Day, Newgate Gapway, Margate, Kent
Rough Day, Newgate Gapway, Margate. Publisher: B & R

‘Dear M. Min no better still in bed, so we are unable to go to L for our holidays. If you can come over on (Sat) today shall be pleased to see. From Walter. She says she wants something nice’

Postcard sent to Miss M Papworth, 31 Melton Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham
Sender: Walter. Postmarked Nottingham, 19 Aug 1905

Vintage postcard of the Clock Tower and Harbour, Margate, Kent
Clock Tower and Harbour, Margate, Kent

Postcard sent to Mrs G Wright, 59 Clifden Rd, Lower Clapton, NE London
Sender: Rose. Postmarked Margate, 7 Aug 1908

Vintage postcard of The harbour, Margate, Kent
The harbour, Margate

‘Bathing first class’

Postmarked Margate, Kent, 19 Aug 1926

Vintage postcard of Boating pool and harbour, Margate
Boating pool and harbour, Margate. Publisher: Pelham

‘Having a good time but it is awfully cold and windy!’

Postmarked Margate, 15 June 1927

Vintage postcard of the Pavillon and Jetty, Margate
Pavillon and Jetty, Margate

Postmarked Upper Holloway, 29 May 1931

Ethelbert Crescent, Margate, kent, old picture
Ethelbert Crescent, Margate, kent

The Harbour, Margate, Kent, vintage postcard
The Harbour, Margate, Kent

Margate, Kent, The Lido, vintage postcard
Margate, Kent, The Lido

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