Birthday Greetings

A birthday thought. May joy come like sunshine to greet you today; And blossoms of happiness gladden your way.

‘Many Happy Returns with best wishes from Martha’

Postcard sent to Mr W Cherrington, The Gables, Hadley Rd, Bilston, West Midlands

Vintage birthday greetings
Many happy returns of the day. Publisher Raphael Tuck & Sons
Vintage birthday greetings

‘With love and all good wishes for a very happy birthday’

Postcard sent to Miss Gertie Arthur? St Leonards Rd, Claygate, Esher
Sender: Elsie? Postmarked Esher, 24 April 1911

‘Dear May, just a card to wish you a happy birthday with love from Mrs Stone’

Postcard sent to Miss May Hill, 18 Cloudesley Street, Barnsbury (London)
Postmarked London

14 Nov 1911

Vintage birthday postcard

‘With fondest love and very best wishes for a very happy birthday. May this year be full of happiness for you and plenty of good health thrown in. Yours lovingly, kindest regards to Arthur’

Postcard sent to Miss May Hill, 18 Cloudesley Street, Barnsbury (London)
Sender: Unknown, possibly reads ‘Ethel’. Postmarked Stoke Newington, 13 Nov 1914

A birthday token.
Good fortune be your birthday guest
And give you from her store
And of happiest returnings
May you see many more.

Vintage birthday greetings

‘Dear Mrs B, I hope this will find you all quite well. We are all fairly well at home but father has been bad for some time but glad to say he is better. How are all the girls? Please give my love to them. I hope to see them some day but when I cannot say. Goodbye with my very best wishes for your birthday’

Postcard sent to Mrs Barnes, Canford Rd, Poole, Dorset
Sender: May Coffery(?) Postmarked Woking, 16 Oct 1912

Vintage birthday postcard
Birthday Greetings. Publisher: Stewart and Woolf Ltd, London

Postcard sent to Miss Winnie Mills, Woodhead Rd, Sheffield
Sender: Esther, Reggie, Tom, Auntie and Uncle. Postmarked Sheffield, 7 July 1906

A hopeful birthday

‘Many happy returns of the day’

Postmarked Wolverhampton, Staffs 28 Aug 1926

There's gladness in remembrance

Postmarked Wolverhampton 24 Aug 1934

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