Loch Lomond

Vintage postcard of Loch Lomond from Inchtavanach
Loch Lomond from Inchtavannach, the National Series

‘Dear Effie and Olive, I am sending you this to let you know we are all still living.
Uncle Fred wishes to be remembered.
From Gertie Norton xxxx

Postcard sent to Miss Effie Sharrock, 47 Hollin Cross Lane, Glossop
Sender: Gertie Norton, Glegg Row, Shepley, Nr Huddersfield

Vintage postcard Loch Lomond from Luss
Loch Lomond from Luss. Publisher: A Colquhoun & Son, Post Office, Luss

‘We are spending a few days in Scotland, having a grand time the scenery is great, we are going to the Trossachs’

Postmarked, Mid Lothian 4 Sept 1935

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