Addison's Walk, Oxford, Vintage postcard 1905

‘Dear Will, Just a note To let you know I am here.
Hear! Hear! From Steve’

Postcard to Master Will Green, 9 Rushmore Crescent, Clapton Park, NE London
Sender: Steve.
Postmarked Oxford, 3 May 1905

Vintage postcard of Worcester College, Oxford
XVTH Century Buildings, Worcester College Oxford, copyright Walter Scott

‘We’re at Oxford, may try to get in.’

Postmarked Oxford 4 July 1950

Vintage postcard of Oxford Barges
Oxford Barges, F.Frith and Co

‘Ask daddy if he remembers these barges?’

Postmarked Oxford 5 April 1938

Vintage Oxford postcard
Good Luck from Oxford, multiview published by C. Richter, London

‘Staying a few days in a nice city’

Postmarked Oxford 15 May 1953

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