Whitley Bay

Vintage postcard of Promenade Gardens, Whitley Bay, Northumberland
Promenade Gardens, Whitley Bay, Northumberland. Publisher: Valentines Series

‘Sunday afternoon 2 o’clock. Dear Annie, well after a tremendous rush and squeezing we landed safely down here yesterday. We shall be very pleased if any of you will come down Wednesday first. On Thursday just drop us a card. Let us know which day will be most convenient for you all and how you will come.
We spent yesterday afternoon on the sands and went shopping last night. This morning we went to Whitley Church and had your favourite hymn. All news when we see you. Come early and write soon. Much love. Betty. But of course we will meet you’

Postcard to Miss Annie E Mothersdale, Manes? Bloke? Farm, Seghill, Northumberland
Sender: Betty, ℅ Mrs Willis, 29 Edwards Rd. Postmarked Northumberland 19 Aug 1917

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