Maritime Scenes

When the tide is low

‘G- is telling her to keep off the last page. I haven’t heard about his engagement.
Much love from May’

Postcard to Miss Frances Putt (or Pitt) Elm Villa, Serpentine Avenue, Ballsbridge, Co. Dublin
Sender: May. Postmarked West Kensington, 22 Aug 1908

 Ship ‘Parramatta’
Ship ‘Parramatta’ by the late J. Spurling, printed in England, copyright Blue Peter Publications Ltd, London, No 5

‘I don’t suppose you will have been allowed to go into the sea – it has been too cold. I am looking forward to meeting Saturday and hope it will be warm enough for me to throw you in again’

Postcard sent to, St Margarets, Talbot Heath School, Rothesay Rd, Bournemouth
Postmarked 1948

Vintage postcard of a moody sea and night sky
Night on the waves and the moon is on high, hung like a gem on the brow of the sky. Herve. Publisher: Reliable series 2138/1

‘Many thanks for card, which was just in time. Had a grand time camping and am looking forward to another this week end. Hope you liked White City. Have been ourselves. See you Sunday. L.V.A’

Postcard to Miss E M Brock, 34, Denton Rd, East Twickenham, Middlesex
Sender: L.V.A. Postmarked Twickenham, 7 Aug 1908

Vintage postcard of a sailing ship
Copyright printed and published by J. Salmon Ltd, Sevenoaks

‘I have got a copy of ‘Binds of the Night’ for you. Should I send it or keep it until Easter?
I wish you were coming home again this week end. I enjoyed last week. How is your garden doing’

Postmarked, London SE
4 Feb 1949

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