Vintage postcard: Hope, Faith and Charity
Hope, Faith and Charity. Publisher: Philco, Holborn Place, London

My dear E.
Just a card for Easter to answer your letters. I should be delighted to see you but I never see Miss B or speak to her, if I did but I should think she would put you up.
I went home last week and I enjoyed it but it was cold and very dull, it is better here but still a cold wind blowing strong.
Shall I see Miss B for you, or will you change it? If you do come, the weekend ticket is 11 /- I had to pay 12/ – to go up. I went Friday to Tuesday, I am very well now. Much love

Postcard sent to Miss Odell, Enfield, Middlesex
Sender: K. Y. N ? Postmarked Southbourne, 17 Aug 1908

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